The workshop is a full immersion in the world that surrounds the use of frame drums in South

of Italy that will totally involve and entertain the participants. It will focus on the study and

acquisition of the main techniques of the frame drums.

After the posture and handgrip of the instrument, the basic principle of rhythm will also be analyzed

and put into practice. Each student learns the fundamentals that allows him to perform 4/4 rhythms, such as the Tammurriata , and the 6/8 rhythms of Tarantella .

Different Tarantella styles as Tarantella Calabrese,Tarantella del Gargano, Pizzica, Tarantella di Montemarano and Tarantella siciliana are taught.

The program is flexible depending on the number of

workshop days.

No basic musical knowledge is required.

Each student has to bring together with the instrument, passion and a great desire to learn!



Among all the techniques on the frame drums in Southern Italy, the Sicilian one is the most complex and virtuous. In fact, while the other executive styles are based on a rhythmic pattern that is mostly stable and constant, repetitive and circular, in Sicilian technique there is a continuous variation of the rhythmic phrase.

The stage is about the main and simplest rhythmic configurations.

Elements covered during the lessons:

1) Hanging the drum

2) Main strokes

3) Drum rotation technique: clockwise and


4) Various types of triplets

5) Creation of a semicomplex rhythmic configuration

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